Panhandle Child Placement Services is a 503 (c) Non- profit organization. Our organization helps build families, whether they are permanent adoptive or temporary foster families. Fostering and adopting make a major impact on a child's life, but also can take a financial toll on the caring family. We provide these families with support through a complex system and the challenges that may arise after the paperwork is filed.

If you would like to support Panhandle Child Placement Services and in-turn support the many children in need in the Panhandle area, please contact us and we will provide you with information on current needs.

WOW !  We want to thank all those who sponsored a child or family with Christmas gifts this year.  It was because of you that our youth received gifts this Christmas.


It is never to early to donate for Christmas 2018. You can provide a check to PCPS (write Christmas 2018 in the memo line) and mail it to us at 112 SW 8th Suite 604, Amarillo, Texas 79101 or call us to make other arrangements. We love people to choose a child/children or family to purchase gifts for, if you prefer to pick out and wrap gifts yourself. The average gift is $25-50 per child.

We are a registered nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible.


What is Foster Care?

Foster parents provide temporary and specialized care for a child that is not a relative, ranging in age from infancy to 18. These children have been removed from his or her home and deserve a safe, stable and loving home in this turbulent time. Panhandle Child Placement Services wants to partner with couples or individuals seeking to provide for these kids. 

What is Our Goal?

Facing the foster system alone can be a daunting task. Panhandle Child Placement Services wants to utilize our 65+ years' experiences to help prepare and navigate you through the child welfare system. We use Good Child Placement Practices; always placing a child, as if in our own home. Panhandle Child Placement services is an advocate for children and the parents opening their homes. 

What is Reunification?

The goal of foster care is reunification with a child's birth parents or a family member. The court system mandates a child's place of permanence. Until that time, children need a safe, stable home with foster parents.